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Living like a primitive

My neighborhood lost its Internet service at the same time my mobile data speed slowed to a crawl. All day since late morning. It’s like living in olden times. I can barely tap out this text message with any optimism it will reach you.

But rather than being sad and unproductive, I noticed that life as a primitive human was surprisingly delightful. I looked at Kristina and said, “No Internet. What am I going to do today?” Luckily for me, Kristina is a problem-solver. Yadda yadda yadda, the day went well.

But my livestream in the morning seems iffy. I’ll try it via my phone’s phone pop data but I don’t expect it to go smoothly.

@ScottAdamsSays I have two comments on your session of 4-16-21.
1. You mentioned that both parties could come together on immigration to resolve the issues. Reagan tried that in the 1980s. In exchange for amnesty for 2M illegals the Dems agreed to secure the border. Reagan did his part and the Dems reneged on their part. A lot like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. The Dems(ie Commies) are not interested in compromise to resolve issues. They benefit from the chaos.
2. On the issue of Patrice C and her rationale that her million $ homes was that she was taking care of her family is rich considering that one if the objectives of BLM is destruction of the family and she denigrates capitalism while benefiting from it.


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