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Levels of Political Awareness

Levels of Awareness in politics

Level 1

They believe what their preferred news say and do not sample other sources. Not aware of counter arguments. Not aware their news is mostly narrative.

Level 2

Sample news from multiple sources but believe only their own sources are accurate. Think the other side is all narrative, but familiar with all sides of issues.

Level 3

Aware that ALL news is fake, at least in the sense of missing context and spin. Also known as Gell-Mann Amnesia. But still believe the experts in various fields are usually correct.

Level 4

Understand that NONE of our experts are reliable. Some might be right, not none can be trusted without verification. The distortion of money makes no expert credible.

Level 5

They see the gears of the machine, Mike Benz style. The Republic no longer looks like whatever the Founders intended. The control of powerful billionaires and intelligence professionals is now obvious.

Level 6

You are dead because you know too much. Also known as Epstein Level.

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Just the drums

Not quite there. This is the Man cave opening arrangement.

Micro Lesson -- Summoning The Executive


I teach you how to summon The Executive part of your mind.


Kindle and other ebook version: Available now

Amazon Kindle version:

Softcover: We hope it is approved any minute now.

Hardcover: In a few weeks. Don't wait for it unless you are a book collector. The softcover is better value.

Audiobook: Maybe 2 weeks. It has been recorded. There are more steps.

Simulation Update

Number of water-related house problems discovered today: 3-5.

Mold in wall (from repaired leak)

Garage roof leak

Roof under solar panel leak damage

Two (probable) additional leaks in another part of the roof, tbd.

Estimated repairs cost: $20K

If you are new, I have an ongoing "theme" in the Simulation that involves continuous water-related problems with wherever I am living.

I’m befuddled. I can’t figure out why students are supporting Palestine. Israel is our ally. Palestine is not. Jews have coexisted with Christian’s in the US for years. Muslims, not so much. I’ve ever seen a case where a Jew said death to America.

What’s wrong with these kids? Are they just stupid?

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