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Robots Read News about pipelines and insufficient Trump
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A Micro Lesson on Pulling it all Together for success

I pull together all of my top tips for success to show you how they allowed me to become successful at livestreaming.

Cat Purrrrsuasion
A Micro Lesson on turning a bad day to your advantage

Everyone gets sad sometimes. I show you how to benefit from it.

The persuasive power of simplicity

When Trump famously proposed "Build the wall," it was one of the best examples of persuasion-by-simplicity you will ever see. Learn from it.

Being accurate matters for science and for budgeting. Accuracy often requires details and nuance and context and all that stuff. But persuasion craves simplicity. Every detail you add to a clean message gives someone a reason to not accept it.

We see this problem for the critics of Critical Race Theory. They try to argue it is a Marxist worldview, and 95% of the country isn't quite sure that is true, and isn't quite sure why that matters, exactly. Sounds bad, but perhaps not so bad for left-leaning people. And that's who the right needs to persuade.

Calling CRT "anti-white" might be close to the truth, but that doesn't matter to persuasion. The "anti-white" critique sounds exactly like a Fox News talking point, and not something moderates would take seriously.

That's why I am A-B testing some new persuasion approaches. In this tweet I reframe CRT as ...

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I went hiking this weekend and was constantly being swarmed by flies and bees.

It can make a girl feel like crap.

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